Christmas Gift Guide

I can not believe that Christmas is this weekend! I finally feel like I’m slightly ready, the house is looking pretty holiday ready. This year my family decided to do Christmas out here in Vegas, it’ll be the first holiday I’m hosting so I wanted everything to be perfect! The last couple of months have been crazy busy with lots of traveling around, so of course I’ve been running around last minute trying to get everything together.

I always feel like I’m throwing things together last minute, especially when it comes to gift buying. It’s definitely something that I need to work on so I don’t stress myself out so much! For those of you who are still searching for some last minute gift ideas, I rounded up some of my favorite items.

1. Angel by Thierry Mugler

This is one of my favorite perfumes! I’ve been wearing it for a while now, and I always get a ton of compliments.




2. Pottery Barn Faux Fur Robe

This robe is seriously my favorite! It’s so soft and warm, I love it especially for the winter months. (It’s on sale right now too!)


3. Street Level Reversible Tote

I ordered this at the beginning of the year and it has been my go to all year long. It’s perfect for traveling and for the girl that loves to carry just about everything in her bag! It’s reversible and you can’t beat the price.


4. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

You guys have heard me talk about this dry shampoo in the past, but it really is such a great product. It was definitely on my Christmas list this year!


5. Mac Cosmetics Holiday Set

Every year I fall in love with Mac’s holiday gift sets! I’m obsessed with their products and they have the cutest makeup bags that come along with the set. (Right now this gift set is an additional 25% off!)


6. Restoration Hardware Faux Fur Blanket

My parents bought us this blanket a few Christmas’s ago and it is amazing! I use it all the time and it looks so chic sitting on our couch.



7. Fresh Skincare Gift Set

Fresh skincare has been one of my favorite skincare lines and this value set has a great variety of their different products, the perfect way to try everything.


8. Sonix Phone Case

Sonix has some of the cutest phone cases, this Rose all day case is my fave!


9. Michael Kors Watch

My Michael Kors watch is one I wear all of the time, this one is currently on sale!



10. Kate Spade Portable Charger

I’m always on my phone causing the battery to die so quickly. Having an external battery has really saved me, especially while I’m traveling.



I hope this guide helped give you a little gift inspiration! I’m off to finish my Christmas shopping, anbody else still have shopping to do??




Hair Products/Tools I’m Loving!

Happy Monday! I hope everybody had a great weekend. I’ve been trying to get all of my Christmas decorations in order to see what I have and what I still need to get. This year I’m hosting Christmas at our house, which I’m really excited about! It’ll be the first time I’ve had Christmas at my house, so I really need to amp up my Christmas decor!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a few new hair products/tools that I have been loving and wanted to share with you guys; along with some of my long time faves!

1. The Wet Brush


My hair has always been the type to get really tangled. Whether it’s right after I wash and towel dry it or many hours of having my hair curled, I feel like I’m always struggling to get it brushed out. I had heard many people say the Wet Brush was good, so I figured it was time to try it out. After having used it a couple of weeks now, I can honestly say I love it! It works great and doesn’t pull on the hair causing breakage.

2. Clairol Shimmer Lights


This one’s for all you blondies out there!  When I moved out to Vegas, we had been warned that the water was hard and got a water softner, but I also think it gave my hair more of a yellowy tint. I remembered having used blue/purple shampoos in the past and had paid a decent amount for them. A month ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Skinny Confidential (if you haven’t read her blog, you absolutely have to check it out!), and she recommended Clairol’s Shimmer Lights to keep your blonde hair vibrant. So I ordered it and used it in between every couple of washes and noticed a huge difference right away! The price point is great and it really does help keep your blonde.

3. It’s a 10 ‘Miracle Leave in Product’


You guys have heard me talk about this product before, but it’s still one of my top products I use. As I said before my hair gets super tangled right after it’s been washed. So when I take the towel off my head I immediately spray it with this It’s a 10 leave in spray and then use my wet brush to brush out my hair. This is one of the first times I feel like I’m not struggling to get my hair untangled and ripping it out at the same time. These two products have been life savers!

4. Hot Tools Marcel Curling Iron

Hot Tools Curling Iron.png

I have been using this curling iron for years and it is still my go to for loose beachy waves. I have had a lot of people ask how I get my curls and this curling iron is my secret. When I use it I flip it upside down, the top end facing the ground, I keep the loose handle open, and wrap my hair around the barrel; leaving the end out to get that messier less perfect curl. If you guys want to see a hair tutorial on how I curl my hair, let me know and I can definitely do a post on that.

5. Living Proof Flex Shaping Hair Spray


Another product you have heard me talk about is this hairspray by Living Proof; it’s still on my favorites list. The reason I love this hairspray so much is that it has a nice hold without creating a stiff feeling to your hair. When it comes to styling my hair, I have it curled about 90% of the time, this hairspray is also what helps me to achieve the loose beachy waves.


I’m always looking for new hair products/tools to try, what are some of your favorites of the moment?



Hair Tutorial: Voluminous Ponytail

Happy Friday ladies!! Today I’m bringing you another amazing hairstyle from my sister Alicia. This fun ponytail hairstyle was featured on my blog post that I posted on Monday. I love throwing my hair in a ponytail when I don’t feel like washing it or going through the whole process of curling my hair. I love this ponytail style because there’s a little extra flare and style by wrapping hair around the base of the pony. I also just chopped a few inches off and this style helps to create a longer more voluminous look. So let’s get the tutorial started!

Products You Will Need 


Step 1 


First you’ll want to start by teasing the crown of your hair. Then smooth it over with a teasing comb and pull back into a pony tail at the top section of your head. Pull the rest of the hair below into another lower pony tail, leaving the front section of hair on both sides down. When using two ponytails like this, it helps to create length and volume to your hair.

Step 2


Next take a portion of the hair from the front on both sides and twist around the elastic camouflaging the hair tie, and secure with a bobby pin.

Step 3 


The same goes for the top pony tail. Take a section of hair from the loose hair in front on both sides, leaving what you would like to frame the face down, and twist around the hair tie and then secure with a bobby pin. For more height, at the end you can take the tail of your teasing comb and use it to lift from underneath where you teased your hair in the first step. Finish the look by spraying Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray.

Final Look



I hope you all enjoyed this hair tutorial! Feel free to comment below on any other hairstyles that you would like to see. I hope everybody has a great weekend!



Hair Product I’m Obsesses With!

I’m definitely one of those girls that loves beauty and hair products. I walk into Sephora and could be in there for hours and walk out with a lot less money in my wallet lol! Over the years I have tried so many different kinds of hair products, but in the last year I have found a few that have quickly become my favorites.

My sister had been working on the set of a movie and had a bunch of Living Proof products sent to her and let me try a few out. I started using them and fell in love! A few products of theirs that I really like are the flex shaping hairspray, dry shampoo and restore mask treatment.

The hairspray has a nice hold and doesn’t make your hair feel like straw or stiff; it also smells great! The dry shampoo is one of my favorites for when I want to hold off from washing my hair for a few days (Makes life a lot easier!). It is also good to use when you want to add a little texture to the hair before curling it. The restore mask has been a life saver for me! Last year my hair got really dry from the bleach, and sleep with this mask in over night has helped to give my hair back some moisture and treat the damaged strands.



Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment


Another product that I used and have been loving is the It’s a 10, Miracle Leave in Product. I spray it in after I have towel dried my hair, let it sit for a minute and then brush out my hair. My hair gets very tangled when I wash it, this product helps so much when brushing it out and leaves it really silky after it’s blown out.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product




What are some other hair products that you can’t live without??



DIY Hairstyle: Styling the Lob (Cont.)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! So the last diy hairstyle post was all about styling the “lob”, and today I’m going to show you two more styles that can be done with this haircut. The first one I’m going to show how to do is super easy. This style is great if you’re in a rush and don’t have much time, but still want your hair to look styled and put together.

Look 1

Step 1

Take a section of hair from both sides of your head and tie them together with a clear rubber band in the middle.

diy 1.jpg

Step 2

Then take another section of hair from underneath the previous section on both sides and intertwine it with the already tied hair. Use bobby pins if needed to make sure it is secured.

diy 2

Step 3 (Optional)

Leave out desired hair around the face.

diy 3

That’s it! Very quick and simple, but still trendy and finished. Easy enough right?

Look 2

This next style is a little dressier of a style and again incorporates braids, which are very in at the moment.

Step 1

Begin by sectioning your hair in the middle of your head, clipping the top separate from the bottom. diy 8.jpg

Step 2

Next create an inside out braid on the bottom section of the hair and tie with a rubberband.

diy 9

Step 3

Once the braid is finished tuck the tail of the braid underneath and secure it with a bobby pin. Once the bottom braid is done, do the same steps to the top section, braiding the hair, tie it with a rubberband, and tuck it under and pin. You can also tease the hair at the crown to give it the desired height you’d like.

diy 7

Final Look

As you can see the finished look appears as one combined braid, giving you a fun updo!

diy 5diy 6

I hope you guys enjoyed all of the styles you can achieve while having a shorter hair cut. And for any of you that were on the fence about cutting your hair,  that this gives you a little extra confidence to take the plunge!



DIY Hairstyle: Styling the Lob

Happy Friday everyone!! Today for DIY hairstyle Friday I’m going to be talking about the “lob”, aka the long bob. The lob has quickly become one of the hottest haircut trends around and has gotten a lot of people thinking about taking the plunge and chopping those long luscious locks. If you have long hair and are thinking of trying this trendy cut, but are afraid you will be limited on hair styles, think again! Today I’m going to show you three fun and sexy styles you can achieve while rocking the lob.  My model today will be my friend Shawna, I just recently cut her hair into the lob.

To begin this look we blew out Shawna’s hair with Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream and Living Proof Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray. We then went in with the Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Rod to create some beachy waves. I used the Living Proof Restore Instant Protection to protect her hair from the heat of the curling iron and then finished with the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for more of a textured beachy look.


Look 1


Step 1

Section off the crown area of your hair, leaving out the front pieces framing your face. Image (93).jpg

Step 2

Tease the crown section of your hair to your desired height.

Image (94).jpg

Step 3

Smooth the hair with a teasing comb or the Mason Pearson brush. Spray a light spritz of the Living Proof Control Hair Spray for extra hold. Pull the hair from the left side of your head across and cross pin the bobby pins to secure.

Image (96).jpg

Step 4

Then take the hair from the right side and cross it over to the left, roll and tuck the hair in so it resembles a reverse french twist. Then secure it crossing pinning the bobby pins again. Spray the finished style once more with the Living Proof Control Hairspray.

Image (97)


Look 2

This style I love because it is a style that you can dress up or down. It can be worn with a pair of jeans and heels on a night out, or even with a formal dress for a wedding or event.

Step 1

I think this style looks best with a deep side part, so start out by finding where you want your part to be, then take the heavy side of the part and clip it to the side. Section out the crown area, this section will be used later on for the volume of the hair style.


Step 2

Below the crown section, take a rubber band and make a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Use bobby pins to tame any hairs that may be sticking out.

Step 3

Now let down the crown section and tease it to your desired volume.


Step 4

Take the top section and wrap it around the bun and secure with bobby pins. Finish the style with Living Proof Control Hairspray.



These are just a few styles to get you started, there will definitely be a few more, the styles are endless! Hope you all have a great weekend!!




DIY Hairstyle: Messy Bun

Today’s DIY hairstyle is an updo, but with a little bit of an edgy twist. A lot of times when I wear my hair up I don’t tend to like a super finished updo, I like it to look a little bit undone. So Alicia is going to show you how to achieve an updo that’s still elegant for a night out or event,  but that doesn’t give you that perfect and polished look.

Similar to last’s weeks preparation, I blew out my hair using the same products listed below:


The tools you will need for this look are linked below:


Step 1

Find your most desirable part; if you like volume in your updo, tease the crown of your hair with the teasing comb. Also, if you would like more of a textured look, tip your head upside down and spray the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

Image (43)

Step 2

Section off the back of your hair clipping the front section apart from the back section.

Image (42)

Step 3

Do the same on the opposite side sectioning the back from the front with a clip.

Image (41)

Step 4

Using a hair tie, tie the back section of your hair into a messy low bun.

Image (40)

Step 5

Pin any loose hairs that are sticking out of the bun with bobby pins.

Image (39)

Step 6 ** (Optional)

If you feel that you would like more volume in your crown, pinch the hair and pull up in the areas that you would like to have more height.

Image (38)

Step 7

Unclip the front section and twist the hair across the top of the messy bun (Repeat on the other side)

Image (37)

Step 8

Using your bobby pins, pin all of the loose hairs that may be sticking out of the bun from the hair you just twisted in from the sides.

Image (36)

Final Look

That completes the messy bun!

Image (32)Image (34)Image (35)

What do you guys think!? Are there any hairstyles requests that you would like to see done in future posts?


Danielle and Alicia

DIY Hairstyle: Half Up With a Twist

Happy Friday!! Today we are going to be doing a post with my sister, Alicia, who is a longtime hairstylist living in the concrete jungle of NYC. She has been in the industry for eleven years, starting out working in salons in Cleveland and Los Angeles, and slowly transitioning her way into TV and film work. She has taken countless courses with Redken and Vidal Sassoon, and has had the pleasure of working with celebrities like John Travolta, Katie Holmes, Michael Pitt and Luke Wilson to name a few. Let’s just say I’m lucky to have her as my go to hair stylist!

Each week we are going to feature an easy and fun DIY hairstyle that can be done for an event, a wedding or wherever you may be going! For those girls who are in bridal parties, we all know the feeling of being a part of all the fun activities leading up to the wedding and then comes the day of the wedding and we may not have enough money left in the budget for hair and makeup. So check out these hairstyles to save some money and time! Below is one of many looks to come, and can be styled a couple of different ways to change things up.

Prior to this look I blew out my hair with a few of my favorite products, Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream and Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse. The mousse really helps give you extra volume and body and the primer helps to weather proof and extend the style. To finish all of my looks I use the Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

The tools you will need are pictured below

Image (33)
Teasing comb, Mason Pearson, Clips, Rubberbands, Bobby Pins 


Step 1

Section the hair from above your temples back to the crown of your head on both sides.

Image (31).jpg

Step 2

With the hair you just sectioned out, start in the front of your hairline take the first section and tease with your teasing comb, do this the whole way back to the crown. When you’re done it should resemble a mohawk.

Image (30)

Step 3

Take the hair in front of your ear, smooth it with your teasing comb and pull it across the middle section of your head. Stop when you get behind your ear on the other side.

Image (28)

Step 4

Using two bobby pins, secure the hair behind the ear, cross them over one another for a good hold.

Image (27)

Step 5

Now take the hair from in front of your ear from the other side and pull it across the middle of your head and pin it behind your ear just like you did on the opposite side.

Image (26)


Final Look

And that’s the finished product!  I like to finish the look with Oribe superfine hairspray.


*** To change the look up a bit, you can add braids! Follow all of the same steps as above, except the hair the you pull over the sides should be braided.

Image (22)   Image (21)


Have fun with it and let us know what you think!


Danielle & Alicia