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Happy Monday!! I hope everyone’s first week of the new year started off with a bang! I feel like I finally got my life back in order from all the holidays and travel, consisting of lots and lots of unpacking, laundry and cleaning. It’s hard to believe that we’re already a week into January, I guess that means it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts! I always have a hard time buying gifts for my husband, I just think the guys have it so much easier than us girls. I know you ladies would agree, we pretty much always have plenty on our wish lists!

My husband and I met 12 years ago while we were both still in college, so we have spent many Valentine’s Days together. Over the years it’s gotten harder to think of gifts that are special/unique and that I know he will love; so when Jord reached out to me and asked if I would share one of their beautiful time pieces I definitely did not hesitate!

When I spotted this watch, I knew that this would be the perfect gift and that he would love the color and style. He had been looking for a brown watch that he could wear when he’s at his work meetings and on the road, but couldn’t find anything that he really loved. This particular style is made of natural zebrawood and dark sandalwood; the quality is incredible, and can we just please talk about the face on this beauty! It really is so unique, I haven’t seen any other watch like it. It also came in the nicest wooden case with a drawer on the bottom that pulls out for extra storage.

Now that I’ve let you guys in on a great gift idea for your special someone, I have some more great news to share! Jord is doing a giveaway and everyone (yes I said everyone!) who enters will get a $25 dollar e gift code and one lucky winner will be eligible to win a $100 e gift code! The contest will run until 1/22/17 and the code is good until 4/31/17.

The link to enter is here

The link for the watch I chose (pictured above) is here

Jord does sell both Men’s and Women’s watches, so everyone can take advantage of this amazing giveaway!

Make sure to enter and head over to Jord Wood Watches to check out their beautiful selection of watches!



Wooden Wristwatch

***Thanks to Jord Wood Watches for this collaboration!


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