My Top 5 Wineries to Visit in Napa

Happy Friday!! I’m so happy to see the weekend finally arrive! Last week Mo was going to Napa for work, and he asked if I’d want to tag along. I never turn down a chance to go to Napa, so of course I went! This was my third time visiting, so I definitely had some wineries that I know I already loved and wanted to visit again.

This time I did go to some other wineries that I had never been to before and I can say that I added a few new ones to my favorites list. Napa has endless amounts of vineyards and wineries; almost too many that sometimes it can feel overwhelming! I find I can only do a few wineries a day, because let’s be honest after tasting 4 or 5 different wines at each winery, it definitely adds up.

I compiled a list of a few of my favorite wineries at the moment. So if your planning a trip to Napa anytime soon, check out some of top picks.

1. Chandon



Chandon has been a long time favorite of mine; it was the first winery that I ever went to so it’s definitely one of my go to’s. Well besides the fact that I love my bubbly! They have some of the best sparkling wines here and the atmosphere is just really cool at this winery. Right now they have a bottle of their classic Brut that was designed by Rebecca Minkoff, it is so pretty. Last time I was here they did a collaboration with DKNY. So I feel like they always have some sort of cool bottle and if you like sparkling wines you will absolutely love it here!

2. Artesa

Artesa was a new winery for me this trip, but I fell in love with it right away. My cousin who lives in San Francisco belongs here and wanted to show it to me this time around. The entrance is built under ground and the views from here were pretty amazing. The inside had a very bright and modern feel to it and around back there was a great patio you can sit on and drink your wine. This is one of those wineries that I will definitely visit again!

This was the view from the patio, pretty stunning!

3. Castello di Amorosa


This winery might be my favorite of them all! Not only do they have great wine, but the surroundings are incredible. The first time I came here we took a tour of the castle, which was so cool because they take you around showing you the whole castle and at the end you got to do the tasting of their wines surrounded by barrels. On the way out there is an area with different animals, this time the goats were roaming around, so I actually got to feed one! They have events at the castle different times of the year, there is one for New Years that I’m dying to go to one year. If you’re looking for a full experience and great wine, this is your winery!

This is one of the rooms they have events in
Feeding this little guy! 
What a view! 

4. Quintessa


Quintessa was another winery that I hadn’t been to yet until this trip, but one of our friends recommended we check it out while we were there. This is one of those wineries you need to call in advance and make an appointment to go to, but it’s definitely worth seeing. The grounds were beautiful here and if you have a group, they have all glass tasting rooms with the view above, pretty gorgeous! This was a winery I felt I got a real one on one experience and got to really learn about their wines.

5. Raymond Vineyards


While we were over at Quintessa they recommended that we check out Raymond Vineyards if we had never been there, so we headed over to see it. This winery was completely different than any winery I have ever seen! It’s really over the top with eccentric decorating, the atmosphere here was really fun! When we walked in I felt like I had seen this winery before, and then remembered I had seen it on The Real Housewives of Orange County. If you’re an avid RHOC watcher like me, you’ll definitely remember seeing this winery two seasons ago. There were beautiful chandeliers hanging throughout, mannequins placed around the tasting room and there was a room that was completely red velvet and just totally over the top! This winery really is something to see, I’m glad we stopped to see it this time around.

This is the tasting room, pretty crazy right?!


Next time you go to Napa be sure to check some of these wineries. They all give you totally different feels and are an experience in themselves!

If you’ve been to Napa what are some of your favorite wineries to visit?




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