Half Up With A Knot

This past weekend my sister and I were shooting some blog posts and we decided to try some different hair styles. She has always been amazing at styling hair, so when she asked me if she could try some different styles on me, I definitely took her up on the offer! This style, is one of my favorites, I love having a little hair pulled back with some loose pieces around the face. It’s a pretty simple style and you don’t need many products to achieve this look. We started by curling my hair with the Paul Mitchell curling wand, but this can also be done with straight hair as well.

Products you will need 


Step 1 


Tease the crown of your hair and section the top part of your hair back, securing with two criss crossed bobby pins.


Step 2


Then from each side take a small section of hair, from below the part that is pulled back, and tie both pieces in a loose knot, secure with bobby pins. Place the knot over the pinned hair from the previous step.


Step 3

SONY DSCTake two more pieces of hair from each side and loosely knot again above the last knot and secure with bobby pins.


Final Look

Voila! There you have yourself a beautiful loose half up style.


Who else loves a slightly mess half back hair style?





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