Malibu Travel Guide

Last week Mo and I decided to take a last minute road trip to LA, which I was super excited about! I had been telling him I wanted to start visiting California more often now that we are just a short trip away living in Las Vegas. I have lived in LA  in the past and really know my way around, it feels like a second home to me. We spent quite a bit of time in Malibu on this trip, so for this post I’m going to share my go to spots in that area.

On my very first trip to LA, I remember driving down Highway 1 and the second I laid eyes on Malibu I was in heaven! I’m a huge lover of the beach and it was just so peaceful and beautiful there. I always tell people unless you have seen it in person, pictures and videos just don’t do it justice. When Mo was planning our engagement four years ago, he knew how much I loved Malibu that he actually proposed to me on the beach there and surprised me with having my family show up at one of my favorite restaurants (read about it here). Needless to say Malibu holds a really special place in my heart!


  • Moonshadows: Hands down my favorite restaurant! They have some of the best seafood and most gorgeous views. The back patio is so chic and has such an amazing ambiance. You can eat your dinner or have a drink and watch the waves roll in right below you. This is where Mo took me to celebrate our engagement and when we walked in there sat my family; so many special memories here!
  • Taverna Tony: The cutest little Greek restaurant with the most delicious food. You definitely get your bang for your buck here. They have belly dancers that give you the real Mediterranean experience, feel free to get up and join right in on the fun!
  •  Gladstones: This was the first restaurant I ever ate at in Malibu. Again it is right on the water and has breathtaking views. They are also known for their seafood, ‘Gladstones Clambake’ is pretty much a seafood lovers dream. It’s a huge steaming pot of lobster, crab legs, clams, mussels, prawns and sausage, delish! Also, a must have is the Dragonberry Mojito, you seriously can’t go wrong!

Things To Do

  • Paradise Cove: If you love hanging at the beach as much as I do, then this is your spot! You can come to paradise cove and rent a day bed on the beach, basically a two person lounge chair with a big cushion and chill all day. There is a restaurant and bar where you can grab something to eat and drink while you lounge on your luxurious day bed, doesn’t get much more relaxing.
  • Malibu Family Wines: One thing I didn’t realize at first was how many wineries there actually are in Malibu. One of my last trips we visited this winery, it was so beautiful and had some gorgeous views. They also have a safari where you can go meet some of the cutest giraffes, lamas etc (retired hollywood animal celebs!)
  • Malibu Country Mart: This is the same plaza that Taverna Tony is located and has a bunch of really great shops like Planet Blue and Vince, just to name a few. There are also other restaurants and little shops there. It’s a great little area to walk around, shop and grab a bite to eat.

Places to Stay

  • Malibu Beach Inn: This hotel is pretty much amazing, sitting right on the Pacific Ocean. It’s a smaller hotel with only 47 rooms, giving you a more intimate luxurious feel. If your’e looking for a beach getaway, you most definitely want to stay in this beach side oasis.



If you guys enjoyed this travel guide let me know and I can share some of my other go to spots in different cities in southern California!

Who else loves Malibu?  What are some of your favorite spots there?




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