Arm Candy with Boho Betty

I can not believe this is the last week of September, time is seriously flying! I hope everybody had a great weekend; we had a nice low key weekend at home and enjoyed the cooler temps here in Vegas. The next few weeks are going to be a lot of traveling, so it was nice to have some relaxing downtime.

A few weeks ago I came across a new jewelry company called Boho Betty that caught my eye. I have always loved stacking a bunch of bracelets to accessorize and play up an outfit, so when I checked out what they had I was in bracelet heaven! Boho Betty has many different collections to choose from, all featuring different styles from all over the world. (ex: Bollywood Flair, City Glitz, French Vogue etc.) They even have a vegan line! They pretty much have bracelets for just about any type of woman out there. I have to say the quality of these bracelets is really good, they are handmade, and I absolutely plan on stocking up on many more!

Below are a few of the different styles that I ordered. If you visit their site (here) and use code DIARIESOFDANIELLE you can get 20% off your order!

Pacific Ocean Tassel Bracelet (This one’s my fave!)
Loy Krathong Festival Bracelet 
Tokyo Triple Wrap Bracelet 






If you love stacking your bracelets and mixing and matching different styles, definitely check out their site, the options are endless!




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