Hair Product I’m Obsesses With!

I’m definitely one of those girls that loves beauty and hair products. I walk into Sephora and could be in there for hours and walk out with a lot less money in my wallet lol! Over the years I have tried so many different kinds of hair products, but in the last year I have found a few that have quickly become my favorites.

My sister had been working on the set of a movie and had a bunch of Living Proof products sent to her and let me try a few out. I started using them and fell in love! A few products of theirs that I really like are the flex shaping hairspray, dry shampoo and restore mask treatment.

The hairspray has a nice hold and doesn’t make your hair feel like straw or stiff; it also smells great! The dry shampoo is one of my favorites for when I want to hold off from washing my hair for a few days (Makes life a lot easier!). It is also good to use when you want to add a little texture to the hair before curling it. The restore mask has been a life saver for me! Last year my hair got really dry from the bleach, and sleep with this mask in over night has helped to give my hair back some moisture and treat the damaged strands.



Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment


Another product that I used and have been loving is the It’s a 10, Miracle Leave in Product. I spray it in after I have towel dried my hair, let it sit for a minute and then brush out my hair. My hair gets very tangled when I wash it, this product helps so much when brushing it out and leaves it really silky after it’s blown out.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in Product




What are some other hair products that you can’t live without??




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