All About the Zoodles

On Sundays I like to carry on our Italian family tradition by cooking a big pot of sauce and pasta. Sunday has always been my cheat day, but with it being bikini season I have been trying to not splurge too much! Last summer we started using a spiralizer to make different healthy recipes. One in particular that we love to make is zucchini noodles and marinara sauce, it is seriously so good and really easy to make. Check out my recipe below!

This is the spiralizer we have, it’s from Amazon





Marinara Sauce


  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • 1 can of whole tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Basil leaves

I love making marinara sauce because it’s really quick and easy. In a big skillet heat up the olive oil and chopped garlic on medium heat. Let the garlic sautee for about 5 minutes or until a light golden color. Once the garlic is sauteed pour in the can of whole tomatoes, using a wooden spoon, I break the tomatoes apart into smaller chunks. After the tomatoes are broken down, I add salt, pepper and basil to taste, then let it simmer uncovered for about 20 minutes or so.

For the zoodles I used about 4 small to medium sized zucchinis and spiralized them. Toward the end of the marinara sauce simmering (about 10-15 mins in), add in the zoodles and let them steam and cook for a little bit. Once the zucchini and marinara sauce are to your liking, it is ready to be served. You can also add shrimp or chicken to this recipe, get creative!

There are a ton of different fruits and vegetables you can use on the spiralizer, we have made sweet potato fries, apple chips, and spiralized many different fruits and vegetables. It comes with three different plate sizes that can create three different sized spirals. For those of you looking for some healthy options and new recipes, I highly recommend getting a spiralizer, the options are endless!

Has anybody else used a spiralizer? What are some good recipes you have made?




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