Holy Grail Brush Cleaner

I love doing my makeup, but I dread having to clean all of my makeup brushes afterward! It seems like it takes forever standing there trying to shampoo them and get all the makeup out. Just when I  think I’ve got them clean , I go to dry them  and there’s still foundation coming out of the bristles!

As soon as I discovered the Sigma spa express brush cleaning glove, I decided to order it and give it a try. My initial reaction? I LOVED it! Literally, it gets your brushes so clean, so fast. There are different sections on the glove with different bristles that are made to do different things, like wash, rinse and refine.

The different bristles to wash, rinse and refine 


I put them in this holder to dry quicker 

The glove comes in different sizes, I have the Sigma spa express glove. It’s a great size and  is easy to pack away when I travel. I just put a small amount of shampoo directly onto the glove, rinse the brush under water and get to cleaning! If you despise standing at the sink cleaning makeup brushes as much as I did, I highly suggest you try this Sigma brush cleaning glove, I know you will love it as much as I do!

Who else has tried the Sigma brush cleaning gloves??




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