Our Engagement Story

Last week I was organizing all of my photos on my computer and came across my album from our engagement. I love looking through old photos because it brings back so many great memories and makes you feel like you’re right back in that moment. The week that we got engaged was so special and will definitely be a time that I will never, ever forget!

Mo and I were headed off to California for the week to go back and visit friends, my sister and have a nice relaxing vacation. We spent most of our trip in Santa Monica, staying at two of our favorite hotels the Shangri La and the Shore Hotel, they’re both beautiful and right across from the beach and walking path. It was Friday evening and we decided that we wanted to head out to Malibu to walk the beach and take in the sunset before dinner at Moonshadows; we always loved spending time in Malibu when we lived there. We went to the Malibu pier and walked around before heading down to the beach to walk to Malibu Beach Inn for a cocktail. As we were walking on the beach, Mo and I were talking about how beautiful it was there and how much we would love to live in Malibu one day, when he turned to me and everything from that point on sort of became a blur! I remember him saying how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and grow old together and then opening a navy blue box (upside down, thank god the ring didn’t fall out into the sand!). He asked me if I would marry him and of course I said yes! I was so excited, we walked to Malibu Beach Inn, we were calling of our family and friends to tell them the exciting news and had celebratory drinks and then headed to Moonshadows where we were meeting my sister for dinner.

Eating dinner at Gladstones (another one of our faves!)
Malibu Pier
Minutes before he popped the question!
We’re engaged!!

When we got to Moonshadows the hostess asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside, it was a chilly November night in California so I said inside. She said she had a great table for us outside, kind of confused I turned to Mo and gave him a weird look. When we got to the table I saw my sister was sitting there, and then seconds later on the opposite side of the booth the drape opened and to my surprise there were my parents! They surprised me by showing up in California to celebrate our engagement. At the time my dad was battling lung cancer and was not feeling well, so for him to travel from Cleveland to LA was such a shock, I definitely was not expecting them to be there at all!

Such a great night with my family (minus my brother, we missed you Chuck!)
Beautiful Cali nights

At dinner my mom gave us a card from my family.  Inside was a gift of having a photographer my sister had found for us to take our engagement photos in Malibu! The next day we spent the afternoon taking our engagement pictures right on the beach, what a dream! We spent the rest of the weekend in Carlsbad celebrating and enjoying time together. I was so thankful to not only have my family there with me, but that they had all taken so much time to plan such a special week. It is a trip that will always hold such a special place in my heart. I’m definitely one lucky girl to have such amazing people in my life!

blog post engagement 2blog post engagement 3

blog post engagement 4
Surprise attack from the waves!

blog post engagement 5blog post engagement 6

blog post engagement 1
And we got caught in the rain… lol!

I always say the engagement is one of the most special parts about getting married. I’d love to hear some of your special engagement stories!





3 thoughts on “Our Engagement Story

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I have a slight obsession with proposal stories so when I saw that you posted one, I freaked! That’s so cute & sweet how your family surprised you! You have some amazing loved ones. Love reading your posts & seeing your insta pics!

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