Spruce up your H2O

Something I promised myself I’d do more of recently was drink more water. I always love grabbing a glass of ice cold water when I’m feeling parched, but let’s be honest other than that drinking plain old water can get very boring! I tend to drink more water when I add a little fresh squeezed lemon, but even that can get old after a while.

When we checked in at the Grand Wailea, they had a large water dispenser filled with ice water that was infused with mint and pineapple, honestly it was so good! Everyday they would change up the flavor, one day it was lemons and limes, the next it was oranges etc. Every morning when we would pass through the lobby we would stop and grab some flavored water, I was hooked!

When we got home I decided that we would pull out our crystal dispenser and put it to use. So for the last three weeks I have been making different variations of flavored water and I have noticed I’ve been drinking a lot more water than normal. Some flavors on my list are watermelon and strawberries, lemons and limes, and pineapple and mint. This week I made my water with cucumber, mint, and lemon and it was so crisp and refreshing!

1/2 cucumber sliced, a handful of mint leaves, half a lemon and ice  **Note: Go easy on the mint, I went a little overboard the first time and it was a tad bit minty! lol
Toss it all in the pitcher or dispenser
Add water and enjoy!

Who else loves infused water? I would love to hear about some other ingredients you have tried in your water!




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