Soft Silky Skin

When I moved out to Vegas last year people kept telling me about how dry your skin gets living in the desert. I had heard it before, but until you live it you don’t realize how drying it really can be! I started looking for different moisturizers to help keep my skin silky and hydrated, and then I stumbled upon a few products at the Body Shop that I completely fell in love with!


Coconut Body Scrub, Coconut Body Butter, Coconut Beautifying Oil 

I start with the coconut exfoliating scrub while I’m in the shower. I love this exfoliator because it has coconut husks and and ground coconut shells that do the exfoliating, but it has a lotion like base that contains coconut oil, so hydrating! Then after I’m done showering and dry off I use the coconut body butter. This moisturizer is amazing because it is so hydrating, but not at all heavy or greasy. I also really love the coconut beautifying oil, made of nut oils and marula oil. I like to mix the body butter and beautifying oil together and then apply to my skin. The oil helps give your skin more moisture and a little shimmer. A little bit of the oil goes a long way, I have had the oil for almost a year and still haven’even come close to finishing it!


This is the exfoliator, it has a creamy texture 
Coconut Body Butter (I bought the jumbo size this time!)

The Body Shop has all different scents that you can buy these products in, I just happen to love the coconut because the smell reminds me of the beach and vacation 😉  I have been using these products for the last year and I’m telling you they are game changers! Between all of my recent travels and the weather warming up here, these products have really helped me to keep my skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated. If you haven’t tried any of these products do yourself a favor and give them a shot, you will seriously love them!


What are some other good hydrating moisturizers that you like?




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