DIY Hairstyle: Styling the Lob

Happy Friday everyone!! Today for DIY hairstyle Friday I’m going to be talking about the “lob”, aka the long bob. The lob has quickly become one of the hottest haircut trends around and has gotten a lot of people thinking about taking the plunge and chopping those long luscious locks. If you have long hair and are thinking of trying this trendy cut, but are afraid you will be limited on hair styles, think again! Today I’m going to show you three fun and sexy styles you can achieve while rocking the lob.  My model today will be my friend Shawna, I just recently cut her hair into the lob.

To begin this look we blew out Shawna’s hair with Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream and Living Proof Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray. We then went in with the Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Styling Rod to create some beachy waves. I used the Living Proof Restore Instant Protection to protect her hair from the heat of the curling iron and then finished with the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for more of a textured beachy look.


Look 1


Step 1

Section off the crown area of your hair, leaving out the front pieces framing your face. Image (93).jpg

Step 2

Tease the crown section of your hair to your desired height.

Image (94).jpg

Step 3

Smooth the hair with a teasing comb or the Mason Pearson brush. Spray a light spritz of the Living Proof Control Hair Spray for extra hold. Pull the hair from the left side of your head across and cross pin the bobby pins to secure.

Image (96).jpg

Step 4

Then take the hair from the right side and cross it over to the left, roll and tuck the hair in so it resembles a reverse french twist. Then secure it crossing pinning the bobby pins again. Spray the finished style once more with the Living Proof Control Hairspray.

Image (97)


Look 2

This style I love because it is a style that you can dress up or down. It can be worn with a pair of jeans and heels on a night out, or even with a formal dress for a wedding or event.

Step 1

I think this style looks best with a deep side part, so start out by finding where you want your part to be, then take the heavy side of the part and clip it to the side. Section out the crown area, this section will be used later on for the volume of the hair style.


Step 2

Below the crown section, take a rubber band and make a messy bun at the nape of the neck. Use bobby pins to tame any hairs that may be sticking out.

Step 3

Now let down the crown section and tease it to your desired volume.


Step 4

Take the top section and wrap it around the bun and secure with bobby pins. Finish the style with Living Proof Control Hairspray.



These are just a few styles to get you started, there will definitely be a few more, the styles are endless! Hope you all have a great weekend!!





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