DIY Hairstyle: Messy Bun

Today’s DIY hairstyle is an updo, but with a little bit of an edgy twist. A lot of times when I wear my hair up I don’t tend to like a super finished updo, I like it to look a little bit undone. So Alicia is going to show you how to achieve an updo that’s still elegant for a night out or event,  but that doesn’t give you that perfect and polished look.

Similar to last’s weeks preparation, I blew out my hair using the same products listed below:


The tools you will need for this look are linked below:


Step 1

Find your most desirable part; if you like volume in your updo, tease the crown of your hair with the teasing comb. Also, if you would like more of a textured look, tip your head upside down and spray the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

Image (43)

Step 2

Section off the back of your hair clipping the front section apart from the back section.

Image (42)

Step 3

Do the same on the opposite side sectioning the back from the front with a clip.

Image (41)

Step 4

Using a hair tie, tie the back section of your hair into a messy low bun.

Image (40)

Step 5

Pin any loose hairs that are sticking out of the bun with bobby pins.

Image (39)

Step 6 ** (Optional)

If you feel that you would like more volume in your crown, pinch the hair and pull up in the areas that you would like to have more height.

Image (38)

Step 7

Unclip the front section and twist the hair across the top of the messy bun (Repeat on the other side)

Image (37)

Step 8

Using your bobby pins, pin all of the loose hairs that may be sticking out of the bun from the hair you just twisted in from the sides.

Image (36)

Final Look

That completes the messy bun!

Image (32)Image (34)Image (35)

What do you guys think!? Are there any hairstyles requests that you would like to see done in future posts?


Danielle and Alicia


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