DIY Hairstyle: Half Up With a Twist

Happy Friday!! Today we are going to be doing a post with my sister, Alicia, who is a longtime hairstylist living in the concrete jungle of NYC. She has been in the industry for eleven years, starting out working in salons in Cleveland and Los Angeles, and slowly transitioning her way into TV and film work. She has taken countless courses with Redken and Vidal Sassoon, and has had the pleasure of working with celebrities like John Travolta, Katie Holmes, Michael Pitt and Luke Wilson to name a few. Let’s just say I’m lucky to have her as my go to hair stylist!

Each week we are going to feature an easy and fun DIY hairstyle that can be done for an event, a wedding or wherever you may be going! For those girls who are in bridal parties, we all know the feeling of being a part of all the fun activities leading up to the wedding and then comes the day of the wedding and we may not have enough money left in the budget for hair and makeup. So check out these hairstyles to save some money and time! Below is one of many looks to come, and can be styled a couple of different ways to change things up.

Prior to this look I blew out my hair with a few of my favorite products, Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream and Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse. The mousse really helps give you extra volume and body and the primer helps to weather proof and extend the style. To finish all of my looks I use the Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

The tools you will need are pictured below

Image (33)
Teasing comb, Mason Pearson, Clips, Rubberbands, Bobby Pins 


Step 1

Section the hair from above your temples back to the crown of your head on both sides.

Image (31).jpg

Step 2

With the hair you just sectioned out, start in the front of your hairline take the first section and tease with your teasing comb, do this the whole way back to the crown. When you’re done it should resemble a mohawk.

Image (30)

Step 3

Take the hair in front of your ear, smooth it with your teasing comb and pull it across the middle section of your head. Stop when you get behind your ear on the other side.

Image (28)

Step 4

Using two bobby pins, secure the hair behind the ear, cross them over one another for a good hold.

Image (27)

Step 5

Now take the hair from in front of your ear from the other side and pull it across the middle of your head and pin it behind your ear just like you did on the opposite side.

Image (26)


Final Look

And that’s the finished product!  I like to finish the look with Oribe superfine hairspray.


*** To change the look up a bit, you can add braids! Follow all of the same steps as above, except the hair the you pull over the sides should be braided.

Image (22)   Image (21)


Have fun with it and let us know what you think!


Danielle & Alicia



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