A Fairytale Wedding


About 6 months ago my sister got engaged to the man of her dreams! We were all beyond excited and happy for her and couldn’t wait to get to wedding planning. Having already gone through the process of planning a wedding (which I loved doing!), my sister asked me to help her out. Her living in New York and her fiance being from New York, they decided that the big apple is where they would tie the knot. My parents had a trip planned to visit and help her look for venues. So I hopped on a plane from Vegas to Cleveland, drove the 7 hour drive with my parents to New York and surprised my sister.

Blog photo 1

Looking for wedding venues in New York was so much fun because there are so many options and different feels depending on what type of wedding you want to have. We had planned the weekend in Long Island to look at venues there, so we headed to Sag Harbor and stayed in the Hampton’s and visited some Long Island wineries; Wolffer Estates and Sparkling Pointe.

blog photo 6

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Our last stop was Oheka Castle, a beautiful estate in Long Island (yes, this is where they shot the Taylor Swift music video, Blank Space). Pulling up we were in awe, it was literally breathtaking. We walked in the doors to a beautiful double staircase that leads you to the main floor where the reception would be held. The detail and architecture throughout the whole castle was so gorgeous, it was impossible to not be blown away. We had dinner there, spent the night (how cool is that, we spent the night in a castle!), and met with the wedding coordinator. After what an amazing experience we had there it’s safe to say there was no question that Oheka Castle is where the wedding would be.

final blog photo 2   final blog photo 1

These are the gardens where the ceremony will be held, so amazing!!

So in just under 6 months, September 2, 2016, my sister and her fiance will exchange their vows on these very grounds. I’m so excited and happy for them both, and cannot wait to be a part of their special day!!

blog photo 7

Celebrating with half of the fam




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